July 29th, 2018, Karachi, Pakistan

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ngGirls: Road to Angular @ Google I/O Extended

We believe that the IT industry will greatly benefit from bringing more women into technology.
We want to give you an opportunity to learn how to program and become a programmer.

For the first time we're presenting a 3 part ngGirls series to get started with Angular ! Our third workshop will cover basic concepts of Angular. we have already covered HTML, CSS, and Javascript fundamentals in our previous workshops.

Who is it for?

Are you a woman interested in learning how to build web applications with the latest technologies? We have good news for you: We are holding series of workshops for beginners! First workshop will take place on Saturday, July 14th, 2018, in Karachi, Pakistan.

We believe that the IT industry will greatly benefit from bringing more women into technology. We want to give you an opportunity to learn how to program and become a programmer.

During the workshops you will be focusing on the frontend web development basics! Our first workshop will cover HTML and CSS following the set up and installation for the next workshops. In the second workshop we will cover Javascript fundamentals. And finally the third workshop will help you kickstart the Angular Framework.
Here are the dates for our workshops.

  1. HTML and CSS - 14th July 2018
  2. Javascript Basics - 21st July 2018
  3. Kickstart with Angular - 29th July 2018
Angular is an open-source platform for building web application, developed by Google and the community. It gives various tools to easily create a dynamic, interactive app that can run on desktop browses, mobile and even robots!

The workshop is free of charge. Just fill out the application form.

Don't wait too long - you can apply for a pass only until July 14th, 2018!
You are welcome to join the ngGirls meetup group to get informed about future events.

For more information about ngGirls check out the FAQ

Can I help?

Of course! There are several ways you can help:

  • Mentors - you have a great impact on the participants' experience. If you can volunteer at the workshop and give some support on the days before and after, we'd love to have you! You don't need to be an Angular expert - just a web developer. Call for Mentors
  • Speakers, trainers, consultants - we're holding a series of ngGirls workshops for the first time, in which the participants will be exposed to general Front-end web and development concepts as well as Hi-Tech soft skills. We're looking for your content - would you like to talk about frontend web technologies? How to debug and test an app? How to find the perfect job? Please apply as a mentor and suggest your talk or mini-workshop.
  • Sponsors - with your help we can make our events truly awesome! From funding tickets to Angular conferences, through supplying lunch, to providing swag - lots of opportunities to help. Call for Sponsors
  • Anyone - There are many other ways to help us. We'd love to hear your ideas and/or assign you some chores. Huge thanks in advance!

Don't be shy, just contact us

  • 09:00 - 09:30 - Check In / installation check
  • 09:40 - 10:00 - Welcome presentation
  • 10:00 - 11:00 - TypeScript & Angular Introduction
  • 11:00 - 11:45 - Practice Session #1
  • 11:45 - 12:30 - Angular fundamentals (Part 1)
  • 12:30 - 01:00 - Practice Session #2
  • 01:00 - 01:30 - An Introvert's Guide to Networking by Faiza Yousuf
  • 01:30 - 02:15 - Lunch Break
  • 02:15 - 02:45 - Creating a classic game using HTML5 and JavaScript by Ahsan Ayaz
  • 02:45 - 03:30 - Angular fundamentals (Part 2)
  • 03:30 - 04:30 - Practice Session #3
  • 04:30 - 05:30 - Refreshment + Networking


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